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You can book for individual or couple counselling, or a one-off session of hypnotherapy and then commit to a further six sessions at a reduced rate.  

Edinburgh Clinic at 8 Eyre Crescent, Edinburgh, in a quiet residential area in the New Town Edinburgh, EH3 5ET

Hypnosis uses your subconscious mind, encourages you to energise your body, and engage your emotional brain to work with you, and not against you.  Integral Counselling or Psychotherapy (i-psych) uses rTMS a new technology involving magnetic stimulation which has been proven to change brain patterns.  This is a combined physical and psychological approach to changing your life.  

Block 6 sessions: First session prepares you then the second to fourth sessions works through blocks to success.  By the time you are on your fifth session you will have worked through all of your blocks.  You will have deleted problem behaviours and emotional issues surrounding blocks to your success. Your subconscious mind will have accepted new healthy thinking, depending on your choice.  The fifth and sixth sessions will allow you to have the best success of your life, and really tweek your subconscious to achieve and maintain your exceptional goals.

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