How Much

Initial Appointment 90 minutes: If you decide that counselling is not for you, the first 15 minutes is free : £60.  

Counselling: Individual/Couple : £45/hour or £200/6 sessions

 ©rTMShpnotherapy: £144 (incVAT) for a 2hr session, but for most treatments it is advisable to do a block of six sessions £864 (incVAT).  

6 Sessions 2hr Hypnotherapy ©rTMShypnotherapy £864 + 2 sessions of 2hrs free if you book by the end of September 2013 

©rTMShpnotherapy: 24 sessions at £120 per month for a year.  You will achieve your goals in that time. 

Contact Carolyn to sign up or text 07713247415 for a call back to discuss your needs.  

    Texts Welcome/Further information/For call-back 08.00 - 8.30: 07713247415    © rTMShpnotherapy 2013